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Hello and welcome, and thank you for looking at my site!

Capturing the light is everything! Getting the water to move and have weight as well as looking 3-dimensional is essential as well. It’s always the light I remember about every location. I study for my prints outside in the elements, and sketch in my sketch book or with watercolours or charcoal.

I am a British-based artist. All of my work is on paper, and they don’t form any part of an edition; every picture is a one-off unique piece, the same as a painting.  I use an etching press and the mono type process because I love the effects achievable only with ink and paper under pressure. Most of the work has had some hand work, (mixed media), done after the printing process, but many of them are untouched from when they were printed. I love the techniques and the process of mono type, rolling, blending, wiping, splatter, spraying, as well as painting.

My current work started with having a studio by the river Thames, I started there with City views, naturally moving to river scapes and then going onwards in to the sea.

My Influences are many and varied, from Picasso, Lozowick, Matisse and the Fauveist painters through to Peter Doig, Chris Ofili, Anish Kapoor and the incomparable J.W.M. Turner. Art is my life and how I best express myself, I can’t be without it, making it or looking at it; art is like reading books, it helps us, or me at any rate, understand how other people tick.

Enjoy, and please do not hesitate to get in touch.




1981 ~ Bath Academy of Art: BA Honours, Fine Art (2:1)

1978 ~ West Surrey College of Art and Design: Foundation Course in Fine Art

Areas of specialisation in college: Ceramics, photography and etching

Professional Experience

2005 to date: I maintain a studio near (actually underneath!) Clapham Junction in South London where I make my own work, mainly in Monotype Etching.

1996 – 2005: Producing editions of Traditional, Carborandum and Monotype Etchings.

1990 – 1996: Master Printer Proofer for London Contemporary Art.

1982 – 1989: Maintaining a ceramics studio in London, for solo exhibitions and commissions.


Examples of Gallery Representation and Outlets, Past and Present


Saatchi Gallery Online

Art Contact, Cambridge

Albemarle Gallery

AFF Battersea

South Bank Printmakers

Laurier Dube Editions, Paris

London Contemporary Art

Art Print, Tokyo

Richmond Art Auctions, Miami

Fine Art Editions, Florida

Artesian Property Partnership, London

Bayside Gallery, Yokohama

John Lewis Partnership, London

Albion Editions, London