Hello and welcome, and thank you for looking at my site!
I am a UK British based Artist. All of my work is on paper, however they aren't editioned, every one is a one off unique piece of work, the same as a painting. I use an etching press and the mono type process because I love the effects of that you can get with ink and paper under pressure. Most of the work has had some hand work, (mixed media), done after the printing process, but a few of them are untouched from when they were printed. I love the techniques and the process of mono type, rolling, blending, wiping, splatter, spraying as well as painting.

I have split my work in to two sections, Gallery One has the work of river views, shorelines, landscapes and city scapes . This is the work that expresses myself most perhaps; where I live, how we live and how I react to living in London a great world City at the beginning of a new century; with an uncertain future for us all.

The second Gallery; Figure Drawing and Archive, has samples of work I have done using the same as well as different media. From burnished pots to life drawing, and carborundum prints. The charcoal drawings are similar to how I work with mono types, adding and subtracting

My Influences are many and varied, from Picasso, Lozowick, Matisse and the Fauveist painters through to Peter Doig, Chris Ofili, Anish Kapoor and the incomparable J.W.M. Turner. Art is my life and how I best express myself, I can’t be without it, making it or looking at it; art is like reading books, it helps us, or me at any rate, understand how other people tick.

Enjoy, and please do not hesitate to get in touch.